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Student​ ​Support​ ​Services

Hebrew Academy strives to support a variety of learning needs and styles. We recognize that there are times to modify the learning environment to fit the needs of the child. Student Support Services is available to Hebrew Academy students, teachers and parents as needed to provide accommodations and recommendations that will help provide optimal education for all students. The Students Support Services Coordinator works closely with teachers and parents to reach the need of the individual learner and provide the best possible education by modifying a student’s classroom experience, teaching methods, educational programing, or testing environment.

Our Student Support Services provides:

  • classroom observations to establish initial recommendations
  • in class student support and teacher assistance to implement individual accommodations
  • individual private sessions to meet student needs and individual learning style
  • parent support through regular contact and meetings
  • recommendations for professional services and educational evaluations
  • ESL services

Parent meetings are established to provide support when it is determined that outside services would be beneficial to the student. Our coordinator meets regularly with parents during this process to assist in scheduling appointments with outside services and providing continued support and follow-up with parents and teachers to initiate programming to meet recommendations as a result of educational evaluations

It is our goal, while maintaining the integrity and diversity of our education programs, to identify and accommodate the individual needs of each student and capitalize on his or her learning and social strengths

Occupational​ ​Therapy​ ​and​ ​Speech​ ​ ​and​ ​Hearing​ ​Screenings

Occupational therapy and speech and hearing screenings are offered in the fall by licensed therapists to all students. Screening session dates are established at the beginning of the year.The screenings will determine if further evaluation is needed. Once a student has been fully evaluated, therapy sessions can be arranged during school hours. Arrangements can be made throughout the year for onsite screenings at the recommendations of the teacher along with the request of a parent by contacting the Student Support Services Coordinator..