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Counseling/Social​ ​Work​ ​Services

School counselors are an important part of the educational leadership team and provide valuable assistance to our students. We recognize that at times, daily stressors and life changes can have an impact on our students. Professional staff from Jewish Family Service of Tidewater, Inc., provides school counseling/social work services to address the needs of our students. This service is available for students of all ages from preschool through fifth grade.

Counseling Services include:

  • brief counseling meetings
  • classroom observations
  • consultation to parents
  • consultation to teachers, and administrators.

This is not formal psychotherapy nor should it be seen as a replacement for such. A signed consent form from parent(s) is required for a student to receive this service. The counselor will contact parents whenever their child receives these services. Students can be referred by parents, teachers, administrators, or can request counseling on their own. There is no fee to parents for these services.